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Differential Geometry II

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Professor: Lectures: Office hours:
Prof. Dr. Michael Eichmair
Tuesday 08-10 HG G5
Always after class
  Wednesday 13-15 HG G5
Jonas Lührmann
Exercise classes:
Office hours:
Dr. Julien Cortier
Friday 13-15 HG E 21
Wednesday 15-16 HG G 36.1
Nora Loose Friday 10-12 HG G 26.1
Tuesday 17-18 HG F 28.3
Dr. Andrea Mondino Friday 10-12 ML J 37.1
Thursday 14-15 HG F 28.1
Igor Uljarevic Friday 13-15 HG G 26.1
Friday 15-16 HG F 28.8
You are welcome to attend any of the office hours. We are happy to help and encourage you to make good use of these resources.
It is important that you are familiar with the structure of this course.
Exam Review Sessions:
August 7, 15 -17, HG G 19.2: Nora
August 8, 17 -19, HG G 19.2: Jonas
August 11, 14 -16, HG G 19.2: Igor
August 12, 15 -17, HG G 19.2: Nora
August 13, 14 - 16, HG G 19.2: Igor
August 14, 17 -19, HG G 19.2: Jonas
August 18, 15 -17, HG G 19.2: Michael
August 20, 15 -17, HG G 19.2: Julien
August 22, 15 - 17, HG G 19.2: Julien
August 23, 15 -17, HG G 19.2: Michael
Lecture notes: 

Read at your own risk! If you spot mistakes, or if you'd like to see more details in some particular place, please let us know using the wikispace.

We will update these notes frequently. Only the version at the end of the semester is definite (at least for the exam). We provide these lecture notes so you can read ahead and whet your appetite. They are not a substitute for attending the class and taking your own notes. 

Chapter 1: Curves in Euclidean space
Chapter 2: Differential Geometry of Euclidean space I
Chapter 3: Submanifolds of Euclidean space
Chapter 4: Introduction to Riemannian Geometry
Chapter 5: Abstract Manifolds and Vector Bundles
Chapter 6: Riemannian Geometry
Point Set Topology Cheat Sheat
If you would like feedback on your work, please leave it in the pigeon hole of your course assistant in HG F 28 no later than two weeks after the homework assignment is posted. You may always hand your "best possible solution" of challenge problems or projects to your course assistant for detailed discussion.
Homework 1 (Project for February 21)
Homework 2 (Project for February 28) Solutions
Homework 3 (Project for March 7) Solutions
Homework 4 (Project for March 14)
Homework 5 (Project for March 21)
Homework 6 (Project for March 28) Solutions
Homework 7 (Project for April 4)
Homework 8 (Project for April 11)
Homework 9 (Project for May 2)
Homework 10 (Project for May 9)
Homework 11 (Project for May 16)
Homework 12 (Project for May 23)
Homework 13 (Project for May 30)


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