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Exercise classes

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Exercise groups

Group Who Assistant Office
Group 1        
Bledar Fazlija
HG G 66.4
Group 2
M-Z Beatrice Pozzetti HG J 16.5

Exercise dates

Date Group 1 Group 2
Wednesday, 1st October ML H 41.1 HG D 5.2
Wednesday, 22nd October ML H 41.1 HG D 5.2
Wednesday, 5th November ML H 41.1 HG D 5.2
Wednesday, 26th November ML H 37.1 HG D 5.2
Wednesday, 10th December ML H 41.1 HG D 5.2

Exercises and solutions

Exercise Solution Due on Topics
Exercise 1
Solution 1 29.09.2014 CW complexes, homotopy
Exercise 2 Solution 2 9.10.2014 Homotopy, fundamental group
Exercise 3
Solution 3 26.10.2014 Fundamental group, covering spaces
Exercise 4 Solution 4 9.11.2014 Covering spaces, Homology
Exercise 5 Solution 5 23.11.2014 Homology, exact sequences
Exercise 6 Solution 6 7.12.2014 Hurewitz homomorphism, Homology
Exercise 7 Solution 7 17.12.2014 Computations in homology

There will be one exercise sheet every second week, due one week later. You can hand in your solutions in the boxes in room HG J 68. The assistants will correct them within the following week.

During the semester there will be some exercise class instead of a lecture, in dates that will be announced in class and on this webpage. For those days there will be two separate room and the two assistants will comment in parallel on common mistakes found in the student's solutions, answer questions, explain again some part of the theory, complement the theory with some examples. You should be ready to ask questions and actively participate to the exercise classes.


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