ICMS 2016 Session: Information Services for Mathematics: Software, Services, Models, and Data

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Aim and Scope

Math Inside - this could be a slogan for much of research and technology today. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any technical innovation that is not driven by Mathematics at its core. But mathematical knowledge is not enough, it must be made useful by mathematical software, services, models, and data (MathSSMD). As a consequence MathSSMD are under dynamic development, widely distributed, and dependent on hard- and software. This makes access, verification, and reuse of MathSSMD difficult, especially as standards and policies for the presentation and description of mathematical MathSSMD are missing. Fortunately the mathematical community is actively engaged to design and establish powerful information services for MathSSMD, especially This ICMS session aims to give a discussion forum for concepts, projects, and information services for MathSSMD.

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