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Vol. 1, No. 1, 2001 · Contents

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Harald Löwe:
A rough classification of symmetric planes

Michael Joswig, Volker Kaibel, Marc E. Pfetsch and Günter M. Ziegler:
Vertex-facet incidences of unbounded polyhedra

B. N. Cooperstein and E. E. Shult:
A note on embedding and generating dual polar spaces

Shmuel Weinberger and Min Yan:
Equivariant periodicity for abelian group actions

Victoria Powers and Claus Scheiderer:
The moment problem for non-compact semialgebraic sets

Costantino Medori and Mauro Nacinovich:
Maximally homogeneous nondegenerate CR manifolds

Alberto Calabri and Ciro Ciliberto:
On special projections of varieties: epitome to a theorem of Beniamino Segre

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