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Vol. 2, No. 2, 2002 · Contents

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Harm Pralle:
Hyperplanes of dual polar spaces of rank 3 with no subquadrangular quad

Thomas Foertsch and Viktor Schroeder:
Minkowski versus Euclidean rank for products of metric spaces

Marco Andreatta and Gianluca Occhetta:
Extending extremal contractions from an ample section

Anna Kasikova and Ernest Shult:
Point-line characterizations of Lie geometries

Koen Thas:
Classification of span-symmetric generalized quadrangles of order $s$

William M. Kantor:
Note on span-symmetric generalized quadrangles

Keerti Vardhan Madahar:
Simplicial maps from the 3-sphere to the 2-sphere

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