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Vol. 3, Special Issue, 2003 · Contents

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Walter Benz:
On Lorentz-Minkowski geometry in real inner product spaces

Fabrizio Catanese:
Fibred Kähler and quasi-projective groups

Dina Ghinelli and Dieter Jungnickel:
On finite projective planes in LenzBarlotti class at least I.3

Luca Giuzzi and Gábor Korchmáros:
Ovoids of the Hermitian surface in odd characteristic

Rainer Löwen, Günter F. Steinke and Hendrik Van Maldeghem:
Affine line systems in finite-dimensional vector spaces

Antonio Pasini:
Extending locally truncated chamber systems by sheaves

J. A. Thas:
Switching of generalized quadrangles of order $s$ and applications

Arrigo Bonisoli and Gloria Rinaldi:
A class of complete arcs in multiply derived planes

Frank Fiedler, Ka Hin Leung and Qing Xiang:
On Mathons construction of maximal arcs in Desarguesian planes

Kelle L. Clark, Leslie D. Hatfield, Jennifer D. Key and Harold N. Ward:
Dual codes of projective planes of order 25

Helmut Salzmann:
16-dimensional compact projective planes with 3 fixed points

William E. Cherowitzo and Stanley E. Payne:
The cyclic $q$-clans with $q = 2^e$

Klaus Metsch:
On the size of maximal caps in $Q^+(5,q)$

James W. P. Hirschfeld and Gábor Korchmáros:
Caps on Hermitian varieties and maximal curves

Ronald D. Baker, C. Culbert, Gary L. Ebert and Keith E. Mellinger:
Odd order flag-transitive affine planes of dimension three over their kernel

Frank De Clerck, Nicola Durante and Joseph A. Thas:
Dual partial quadrangles embedded in $\PG(3,q)$

Maska Law and Tim Penttila:
Classification of flocks of the quadratic cone over fields of order at most 29

Aart Blokhuis, Andries E. Brouwer and Henny A. Wilbrink:
Blocking sets in $\PG(2,p)$ for small $p$, and partial spreads in $\PG(3,7)$

Marco Buratti and Alberto Del Fra:
Semi-Boolean Steiner quadruple systems and dimensional dual hyperovals

Vikram Jha and Norman L. Johnson:
The classification of spreads in $\PG(3,q)$ admitting linear groups of order $q(q+1)$, II. Even order

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