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Vol. 4, No. 1, 2004 · Contents

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Simeon Ball:
On ovoids of $O(5,q)$

Matthew R. Brown and J. A. Thas:
A geometrical construction of the oval(s) associated with an $\alpha$-flock

Claude-Alain Faure:
Morphisms of projective spaces over rings

Kang-Tae Kim:
On the automorphism groups of convex domains in ${\Bbb C}^n$

Brian Harbourne and Joaquim Roé:
Linear systems with multiple base points in $\Bbb P^2$

André Henriques:
An analogue of convexity for complements of amoebas of varieties of higher codimension, an answer to a question asked by B. Sturmfels

Hamidou Dathe and Philippe Rukimbira:
Foliations and contact structures

Ralf Gramlich:
Line-hyperline pairs of projective spaces and fundamental subgroups of linear groups

Tatsuya Fujisaki:
A four-class association scheme derived from a hyperbolic quadric in $PG(3,q)$

Dubravko Ivanic:
Hyperbolic structure on a complement of tori in the 4-sphere

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