Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 42 (2006), Supplement · Electronic Edition

Proceedings of the 26th Winter School Geometry and Physics 2006

Ilka Agricola
The Srni lectures on non-integrable geometries with torsion
p. 5-84: Abstract, gzip-ps (437K), pdf (744 K)

Olivier Biquard and Rafe Mazzeo
Parabolic geometries as conformal infinities of Einstein metrics
p. 85-104: Abstract, gzip-ps  (418K), pdf (259K)

Ulrich Koschorke
Coincidence free pairs of maps
p. 105-117: Abstract, gzip-ps (192K), pdf (189K)

Maxim Zabzine
Lectures on generalized complex geometry and supersymmetry
p. 119-146: Abstract, gzip-ps (209K), pdf (268K)

N. Blazic, P. Gilkey, S. Nikcevic, and U. Simon
Algebraic theory of affine curvature tensors
p. 147-168: Abstract, gzip-ps (209K), pdf (229K)

Thomas Branson and Doojin Hong
Spectrum generating on twistor bundle
p.169-183: Abstract, gzip-ps (187K), pdf (180K)

Andreas Cap
On left invariant CR structures on $SU(2)$
p.185-195: Abstract, gzip-ps 164K), pdf (164K)

Alberto Damiano
Algebraic analysis of the Rarita-Schwinger system in real dimension three
p. 197-211: Abstract, gzip-ps (186K), pdf (195K)

Zdenek Dusek and Oldrich Kowalski
Geodesic graphs on special 7-dimensional g.o. manifolds
p. 213-227: Abstract, gzip-ps  (165K), pdf (162K)

Peter Franek
Generalized Verma module homomorphisms in singular character
p. 229-240: Abstract, gzip-ps (181K), pdf (176K)

Thomas Friedrich
Nearly Kaehler and nearly parallel G$_2$-structures on spheres
p. 241-243: Abstract, gzip-ps (106K), pdf (75K)

Albert Ko and Martin Rocek
A gravitational effective action on a finite triangulation as a discrete model of continuous concepts
p. 245-251: Abstract, gzip-ps (135K), pdf (120K)

Martin Kolar
The local equivalence problem in CR geometry
p. 253-266: Abstract, gzip-ps (160K), pdf (164K)

Lukas Krump and Vladimir Soucek
Singular BGG sequences for the even orthogonal case
p. 267-278: Abstract, gzip-ps (141K), pdf (126K)

Svatopluk Krysl
Symplectic spinor valued forms and invariant operators acting between them
p.279-290: Abstract, gzip-ps (192K), pdf (185K)

Raad J.K. al Lami, Marie Skodova, Josef Mikes
On holomorphically projective mappings from equiaffine generally recurrent spaces onto Kaehlerian spaces
p. 291-299: Abstract, gzip-ps  (154K), pdf (137K)

Roman Lavicka
Finely differentiable monogenic functions
p.301-305: Abstract, gzip-ps (329K), pdf (116K)

Ulf Lindstrom
A brief review of supersymmetric non-linear sigma models and generalized complex geometry
p. 307-318: Abstract, gzip-ps  (161K), pdf (158K)

Marcella Palese and Ekkehart Winterroth
Some aspects of the homogeneous formalism in field theory and gauge invariance
p. 319-327: Abstract, gzip-ps (151K), pdf (140K)

Katja Sagerschnig
Split octonions and generic rank two distributions in dimension five
p. 329-339: Abstract, gzip-ps  (154K), pdf (150K)

Dana Smetanova
On second order Hamiltonian systems
p. 341-347: Abstract, gzip-ps (140K), pdf (120K)

Florian Wisser
An analog of the Fefferman constructions
p. 349-356: Abstract, gzip-ps  (144K), pdf (134K)

Lenka Zalabova
Remarks on symmetries of parabolic geometries
p. 357-368: Abstract, gzip-ps (168K), pdf (170K)