Acta Mathematica Academiae Paedagogicae Nyíregyháziensis

Vol. 16, 2000 · Contents

S. Fridli:
Transition from the dyadic to the real nonperiodic Hardy space

K. Nagy:
On the Dirichlet kernels with respect to the Walsh-Kaczmarz system

Árpád Száz and József Túri:
Seminorm generating relations and their Minkowski functionals

Kamel Al-Khaled:
Integral representation of bounded and absolutely integrable functions

József Szilasi and Csaba Vincze:
A new look at Finsler connections and special Finsler manifolds

U. C. De, T. Q. Binh and A. A. Shaikh:
On weakly symmetric and weakly Ricci-symmetric $K$-contact manifolds

Ákos Gyôry:
On the prolongation of vertical connections

Attila Fazekas and István Sánta:
Skeletonization on quadtree represented images

L. Filep and S. Elkjaer:
Pál Gyula - Julius Pal (1881-1946), the Hungarian - Danish mathematician

A. Fazekas:
Corrigendum to the paper "Lattice of distances based on 3D-neighbourhood sequences"