Acta Mathematica Academiae Paedagogicae Nyíregyháziensis

Vol. 26, No. 2, 2010 · Contents

Preface: Workshop on Finsler Geometry and Its Applications. May 24-29, 2009, Debrecen, Hungary.

Lajos Tamássy:
Commemoration on Ottó Varga on the centenary of his birth

Tadashi Aikou:
Some remarks on Berwald manifolds and Landsberg manifolds

Nicoleta Aldea:
Two-dimensional complex Berwald spaces with $(\alpha ,\beta )$-metrics

Sándor Bácsó and Zoltán Kovács:
Projective Randers changes of special Finsler spaces

Sándor Bácsó and Zoltán Szilasi:
On the projective theory of sprays

Rossella Bartolo:
Geodesics on non-complete Finsler manifolds

Volodymyr Berezovsky, Josef Mikes and Alena Vanzurová:
Almost geodesic mappings onto generalized Ricci-symmetric manifolds

A. A. Borisenko:
Some comparison theorems in Finsler and Minkowski spaces

Howard E. Brandt:
Quantum Computational Jacobi Fields

Erasmo Caponio:
The index of a geodesic in a Randers space and some remarks about the lack of regularity of the energy functional of a Finsler metric

Irena Comic:
Generalized Lagrange-Hamilton spaces of order k

M. K. Gupta and P. N. Pandey:
On S-3 like four-dimensional Finsler spaces

Cristian Ida:
Vertical Laplacian on complex Finsler bundles

Josef Mikes and Marie Chodorová:
On concircular and torse-forming vector fields on compact manifolds

Josef Mikes and Hana Chudá:
On geodesic mappings with certain initial conditions

Josef Mikes and Irena Hinterleitner:
On geodesic mappings of manifolds with affine connection

Tetsuya Nagano:
On the parallel displacement and parallel vector fields in Finsler Geometry

Á. Nagy and Cs. Vincze:
Examples and notes on generalized conics and their applications

Takayoshi Ootsuka:
Finsler structure in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

Alena Vanzurová:
A note on variational and metrizable connections

Szabolcs Vattamány:
Finsler-metrizabilities of spray manifolds

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