Acta Mathematica Academiae Paedagogicae Nyíregyháziensis

Vol. 30, 2014 · Contents

Horst Brunotte:
On canonical representatives of small integers

Neha Makhijani, R. K. Sharma and J. B. Srivastava:
A note on units in $\mathbb{F}_{p^{m}}D_{2p^{n}}$

Swati Sidana and R. K. Sharma:
Finite loop algebras of RA loops of order 64

S. S. Dragomir:
Inequalities of Pompeiu's type for absolutely continuous functions with applications to Ostrowski's inequality

Zheng Liu:
Some general Ostrowski type inequalities

Lutz Klotz and Dong Wang:
Metric properties of convergence in measure with respect to a matrix-valued measure

Irshad Ahmad, A. Liman and W. M. Shah:
Some $L_{p}$ inequalities for the family of B-operators

Nacima Memic:
On almost everywhere convergence of some sub-sequences of Fejér means for integrable functions on unbounded Vilenkin groups

Simon R. Cowell and Philippe Poulin:
Complete interpolation vs. Riesz bases of reproducing kernels

Maps preserving the spectrum of certain products of operators:
Maps preserving the spectrum of certain products of operators

Carlo Alberto Mantica and Uday Chand De:
A note on weakly symmetric manifolds

Xie Li and Wan Yong:
Integrability of Distributions on Two Kinds of Manifold

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