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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2009 / Acta / 20




M. K. Aouf, A. Shamandy, A. O. Mostafa and S. M. Madian - Properties of some families of meromorphic p-valent functions involving certain differential operator
A. Ebadian, Sh. Najafzadeh - Uniformly starlike and convex univalent functions by using certain integral operators
Khalida Inayat Noor, Ali Muhammad - On certain properties of the class of generalized P-valent Non-Bazilevic functions
M. K. Aouf, R. M. El-Ashwah and S. M. El-Deeb - Integral means for certain subclasses of uniformly starlike and convex functions defined by convolution
Camelia M. B˘al˘aet¸i - Superordination results in the complex plane
V. G. Gupta and Bhavna Shrama - Subordination results for certain classes of analytic functions associated with the convolution structure Hakan Mete Ta¸stan and Ya¸sar Polato˜glu - Growth properties for the Weierstrass- Enneper representation of a minimal surface
Maria Cˆırnu - Stability of slant and semi-slant submanifolds in Sasaki manifolds
Ahmad Erfanian and Francesco Russo - Conjugately dense subgroups in generalized FC-groups
Angel Garrido - On specificity and entropy measures
Ivan Lonˇcar - A C-continuum X is metrizable if and only if it admits a Whitney map for C(X)
Daniel Breaz and Shigeyoshi Owa - A convexity property for an integral operator on the class UST (k, )
Qian Zhang and Lanzhe Liu- Boundedness of multilinear commutator of singular integral in Morrey spaces on homogeneous spaces 
Ren Sheng and Lanzhe Liu - Boundedness for multilinear commutator of integral operator on Hardy and Herz-Hardy spaces
Sedat Ilhan, Meral Suer - A note on pseudo-symmetric numerical semigroups
Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy - Certain classes of analytic functions defined by convolution
A.T. Oladipo - On certain subclasses of analytic and univalent functions involving convolution operators
Pramila Vijaywargiya - On some results for −spirallike functions of complex order of higher-order derivatives of multivalent functions
Arif Rafiq - Convergence theorems for uniformly L-Lipschitzian asymptotically nonexpansive mappings
Mahmoud Saoud, Kaled AL-Khanaifes - Calculating the number of the linear factors in planar graphs
Saquib Hussain - Some new classes of analytic functions defined by mean of a convolution operator
Serpil Halıcı, Tuna Batu - On the Fibonacci Q-matrices of the order m 211 Zhi-Gang Wang and Ming-Sheng Liu - Some properties for -starlike and -convex functions with respect to k-symmetric Points
Wen-HuaWang - An effective method for solving fractional integro-differential equations
Xiaosha Zhou, Lanzhe Liu - Boundedness for multilinear operators of multiplier operators on Triebel-Lizorkin and Lebesgue spaces
Zlatko Udoviˇci´c - A certain class of quadratures with hat function as a weight function
Alina Alb Lupa¸s - A subclass of analytic functions defined by differential S˘al˘agean operator
Ma‘moun Harayzeh Al-Abbadi and Maslina Darus - Differential subordination for new generalised derivative operator