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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2004 / Acta / 8




Aldea Mihaela, Căbulea Lucia – The best financial administration of product’s stocks or of the cash money stocks in probabilistic conditions   
Andrica Dorin, Aldea Mihaela – Perfect Morse functions and some applications 
Andrica Dorin, Piticari Mihai – An extension of the Riemann-Lebesgue lemma and some applications
Breaz Daniel – Integral operators on the -class
Breaz Nicoleta – Numerical experiments with least squares spline estimators in a parametric regression model   
Căbulea Lucia, Aldea Mihaela – A few evaluation criteria of optimum financing with random costs and benefits
Casavela Valentin – Data Base application in Visual FoxPro
Ciortea Mihaela – Aspects regarding the types of process control systems
Cosma Ovidiu – Image dithering based on the Wavelet transform
Crainic Nicolae – On a theorem which limits the number of  mixed interpolated derivatives for some plane regular uniform rectangular Birkhoff interpolation schemes
Darabant Adrian, Câmpan Alina, Moldovan Grigor, Greblă Horea –AI clustering techniques: a new approach in horizontal fragmentation of classes with complex attributes and methods in object oriented databases
Edelhauser Eduard – Client server versus distributed network applications in human resource management
Edelhauser Eduard – Computer aided formation and selection for the industry formers
Gâta Marieta – Speech recognition application using VoiceXML  
Georgescu Adelina – Dynamic bifurcation diagram for some models in economics and biology
Greblă Horea, Moldovan Grigor, Darabant Adrian, Câmpan Alina – Data allocation in distributed database systems performed by mobile intelligent agents
Hatzidimos John – Automatic traffic sign recognition in digital images 
Hatzigaidas Athanasios, Papastergiou Anastasia, Tryfon George, Maritsa Despoina – Topic map existing tools: a brief review
Hatzigaidas Athanasios, Papastergiou Anastasia, Tryfon George, Zaharias Zaharis – TM_BDU: A proposed framework for using topic maps to manage information in Blood Donation Units 
Huţanu Constantin, Ileană Ioan, Achim Moise – E-Learning: The first phase for development of distance education in “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia
Ileană Ioan, Rotar Corina, Incze Arpad – The optimization of feed forward neural networks structure using genetic algorithms
Ion Anca-Veronica – On the Beautin bifurcation for systems of the delay differential equations
Jaradat  Mihaela, Urs Florin, Funar Sabina – The dimensioning of the fruit-growing patrimony in Romania
Kadar Manuella – Data connection and manipulation of  archaeological database created in Visual Environment
Kavakli Evangelia, Bakogianni Sophia, Damianakis Adam, Loumou Maria, Tsatsos Dimitris – Traditional dance and e-learning: the WebDANCE learning environments 
Kecs W. Wilhelm – Applications of the Dirac sequences in mechanics
Marcu Marius, Uţu Ilie, Pană Leon, Maria Orban – Computer simulation of real time identification for induction motor drives
Margaris I. Athanasios, Kotsialos Efthimios – Parallel counter-propagation networks
Mitran Cătălin – On some application of the finite element method in the calculus of the geometrical bodies 
Olteanu Emil – The calculus of a new musical scale frequencies
Olteanu Emil – An original method of proving the formula of atrigonometric function of a sum of angles
Olteanu Emil, Joldeş Remus, Rotar Corina – New aspects about using neural networks in integrated numerical circuits and systems 
Orban Maria, Stochitoiu Anghel, Sandru Marcian – Obtaining the minimum electrical energy consumption condition for Bucket Wheel Excavator open pits
Papadakis S.E., Tzionas P., Kaburlasos V.G., Theocharis J.B. – A genetic based approach to the type I structure identification problem 
Pehlivanis Konstantinos, Papagianni Maria, Styliadis Athanasios – Virtual reality & logistics
Pop C. Petrică, Zelina Ioana – Heuristic algorithms for the generalized minimum spanning tree problem
Popa Ioan, Ştefănescu Florian – Numerical modelling of the isolated current leads for cryogenic applications
Popescu Constantin, Oros Horea – A fair off-line electronic cash system with anonymity  revoking trustee 
Stefanakis Emmanuel – Scheduling trajectories on a planar surface with moving obstacles.
Taşcu Ioana, Horvat-Marc Andrei – Construction of cubature formulas by using linear positive operators    
Wainberg Dorin – On some properties of the symplectic and Hamiltonian matrices 
Zaharescu Eugen – Analysis of morphology-like operators used in color image contrast enhancement
Zoller Carol, Fotău Ion, Rîşteiu Mircea, Pană Leon – Using VEE PRO6 software to control the quality of energy in to the electrical power networks