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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia





Tamas Szantai, Edith Kovacs - Pattern recognition using t-cherry junction tree structures
Istvan Gergely Czibula, Gabriela Czibula - Unsupervised transformation of procedural programs to object-oriented design
Clara Ionescu, Ionut Muntean, Robin de Keyser - The influence of asymmetric space filling in the human lung
Maria Muntean, Honoriu Valean, Corina Rotar, Mircea Risteiu - Knowledge Discovery in a SCADA System Database
Rodica Mariana Ion, Adriana Filip, Simona Clichici and Adriana Muresan - Mathematical Model For Tspp Drug-Delivery In Nanomedicine
Mihai Talmaciu and Elena Nechita - Optimization Problems on Threshold Graphs
Ana Ioanid and Radu Mircea Ciuceanu - Toward The Physical Basis Of Complex Systems: Dielectric Analysis Of Porous Silicon Nanochannels In The Electrical Double Layer Length Range
Cyrille Bertelle, Antoine Dutot, Rawan Ghnemat - Simultaneous approximation by a class of linear positive operators
Laszlo Kovacs - Semantic Representation Forms Of Natural Language Sentences
Ion C. Baianu, Roberto Poli - From Simple to Highly-Complex Systems: A Paradigm Shift Towards Non-Abelian Emergent System Dynamics and Meta-levels
Horatiu Mocian, Ovidiu Dan - New Developments on the Newistic Platform
I. C. Baianu, Ronald Brown and James F. Glazebrook - A Category Theory And Higher Dimensional Algebra Approach To Complex Systems Biology, Meta-Systems And Ontological Theory Of Levels: Emergence of Life, Society, Human Consciousness and Articial Intelligence