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This is the electronic version of the Bulletin of the Venezuelan Mathematical Association (AMV). There exist a printed version which is published twice a year. Since Volume VI, Year 1999, the Boletín is indexed in Mathematical Reviews, MathScinet and Zentralblatt für Mathematik.
It is also included in the Electronic Library of Mathematics of the European Mathematical Society.

Founded in 1994, the Boletín de la AMV has been edited by:

José Ramón Ortiz

(1994 -1996)

Joaquín Ortega

(1997 - 1999)

Argimiro Arratia


The current Editor is Oswaldo Araujo.


The Boletín is distributed freely to all members of the Venezuelan Mathematical Association. It can be obtained by individual subscription by writing to either of our postal or electronic addresses or in person at any of the regional chapters of the Association.




Oswaldo Araujo

Associated Editors

Carlos Di Prisco y Henryk Gzyl

Technical Editor

Boris Iskra

Editorial Committee

Argimiro Arratia
Pedro Berrizbeitia
Alejandra Cabaña
Giovanni Calderón
Sabrina Garbin
Gerardo Mendoza
Neptalí Romero
Rafael Sánchez
Judith Vanegas
Jorge Vargas

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