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Bulletin, Classe des Sciences Mathématiques et Naturelles, Sciences mathématiques
Académie Serbe des Sciences et des Arts, Beograd

Vol. CXXXIII, No. 31, 2006 · Contents

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I. Gutman and S. Zhang:
Graph connectivity and Wiener index

B. Stankovic and T. M. Atanackovic:
On the compressed elastic rod with rotary inertia on a viscoelastic foundation

V. D. Djordjevic:
On a model equation that reflects some of the shear flow hydrodynamic stability properties

D. M. Cardoso and D. Cvetkovic:
Graphs with least eigenvalue $-2$ attaining a convex quadratic upper bound for the stability number

I. Gutman, Olga Miljkovic, B. ZHOU and M. Petrovic:
Inequalities between distance–based graph polynomials

Vesna Manova-Erakovik, N. Pandeski and LJ. Nastovski:
Distribution analogue of the Tumarkin result

J. Toft:
Positivity in twisted convolution algebra and Fourier modulation spaces

Irina Kmit:
Generalized solutions to singular initial-boundary hyperbolic problems with non-Lipshitz nonlinearities

H. Render:
On positivity properties of fundamental cardinal polysplines

Claudia Garetto and G. H\"{o}rmann:
On duality theory and pseudodifferential techniques for Colombeau algebras: generalized delta functionals, kernels and wave front sets

M. S. Stankovic, P. M. Rajkovic and Sladjana D. Marinkovic:
Inequalities which include $q$-integrals

M. Oberguggenberger:
Regularity theory in Colombeau algebras

A. Delcroix:
Regular nonlinear generalized functions and applications

Daniela Calvo and L. Rodino:
Inhomogeneous Gevrey ultradistributions and Cauchy problem

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