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Divulgaciones Matemáticas is a refereed journal which considers for publication unpublished papers in all branches of mathematics and its applications, history or teaching. Contributions may be research papers, expository and historical papers, problems and solutions, thesis abstracts and bibliographical reviews.

The first requisite for a paper to be publishable is its mathematical correctness. In the second place, the style must be attractive and as fluent and organized as possible. For research papers the relevance and originality of the results are taken in account.

Papers should be prepared in LaTeX using this template. The LaTeX source file (.tex) and a printable version (dvi, pdf or ps) must be e-mailed to (figures must be attached as separate files).
Accepted languages are Spanish and English.
By submitting a paper the author assumes the compromise that it has not been published or submitted elsewhere.

Papers should be organized in the following sections:

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