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Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 2005 Copyright ©2005 Kim Williams. All Rights Reserved. ISSN: 1522-4600

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Spring 2005 Special Issue:
Mathematics in the Architecture Curriculum

Orietta Pedemonte and Laura Tedeschini Lalli, Guest Editors

Table of Contents
Letter from the Editors Orietta Pedemonte and Laura Tedeschini Lalli
Research Articles Abstracts of all research articles available in the NNJ online and in print.
The archKIDecture Build IT! Exhibit Project Julie Cowan
Dalle forme naturali alle forme artificiali Mari Alati, Liliana Curcio, Roberto Di Martino, Lino Gerosa, Cinzia Tresoldi
 From natural forma to artificial forms Mari Alati, Liliana Curcio, Roberto Di Martino, Lino Gerosa, Cinzia Tresoldi
Designing a Problem-Based Learning Course of Mathematics for Architects Francisco Javier Delgado Cepeda
The Geometry of Frank Lloyd Wright Linda Keane and Mark Keane
Reconstruction of Forms through Linear Algebra Elena Marchetti and Luisa Rossi Costa
Methods for Evaluation in Mathematics for Architecture and Design Hernán Nottoli
The Education of the Classical Architect from Plato to Vitruvius Graham Pont
Teaching Geometry to Artists: Report on an Experiment in Progress J.M. Rees
Euler's Theorem as the Path towards Geometry Emil Saucan
Teaching Mathematics in Architecture Arzu Gönenç Sorguç
Leo: a Multimedia Tale of Structural Mechanics Nicola Luigi Rizzi and Valerio Varano
Number is Form and Form is Number Anne Tyng. Interview by Robert Kirkbride
The Geometer's AngleAn Introduction
Geometer's Angle™ no. 13: SIX + ONE Rachel Fletcher
Didactics A guide to all articles about Didactics available in the NNJ online and in print.
Book reviews Includes all book reviews available in the NNJ online and in print.
Architecture's New Media: Principles, Theories, and Methods of Computer-Aided Design by Yehuda E. Kalay
Reviewed by Sylvie Duvernoy
The Cambridge Companion to Piero della Francesca by Jeryldene M. Wood, ed.
Reviewed by João Pedro Xavier
Learning from Palladio by Branko Mitrovic Reviewed by Kim Williams
Conference/ Exhibit Reports A guide to all conference and exhibit reports available in the NNJ online and in print.
The Virtual Library The NNJ recommends new and classic books on architecture and mathematics.
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