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Vol. 37(51), 1985 · Contents

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Radomir S. Stankovi\'c:
Some remarks on the canonical form for pseudo-Boolean functions

Milan Bo\v zi\'c:
Semantics for some intermediate logics

Miodrag Ra\v skovi\'c:
Model theory for $L_{\Cal AM}$ logic

Miodrag Ra\v skovi\'c:
An application of nonstandard analysis to functional equations

\v Zarko Mijajlovi\'c:
On a proof of Erd\"s--Monk theorem

Ivan Gutman:
On some graphic polynomials whose zeros are real

Sin-Min Lee:
On algebras all of whose subalgebras are simple; some solutions of Plonka's problem

Michael G. Voskoglou:
Simple skew polynomial rings

Nata\v sa Bo\v zovi\'c and Sava Krsti\'c:
Algorithmic problems related to the direct prodict of groups

Nata\v sa Bo\v zovi\'c:
First order classes of groups having no groups with a given property

S.J. Pride:

G.D. Anderson and M.K. Vamanamurthy:
Inequalities for elliptic integrals

Ch. Djaja:
Quasi-fastrekurrente und semiquasi-rekurrente bewegungen dynamischer systeme

Jozef Diblik:
O sushchestvovanii reshenii singulyarnoi zadachi Koshi dlya sistem differentsial'nyh uravnenii ne razreshennyh otnositel'no proizvodnyh

Suresh P. Singh, Govind Prasad:
On approximation by modified Bernstein polynomials

T.D. Narang:
Some remarks on M-convexity and best approximation

N.V. Patel and V.M. Shah:
On the absolute summability of lacunary Fourier series

Du\v san Georgijevi\'c:
Bases from orthogonal subspaces obtained by evaluation of the reproducing kernel

Jovan Ke\v cki\'c:
The general linear equation on vector spaces

Hukim Singh:
On the focal locus of a submanifold in a Riemannian manifold of constant sectional curvature

J.M. Hernando, E. Reyes and P.M. Gadea:
Integrability of tensor structures of electromagnetic type

E. \v Sili, B. Jovanovi\'c and L. Ivanovi\'c:
On the construction of finite difference schemes approximating generalized solutions

B.S. Jovanovi\'c, L.D. Ivanovi\'c and E, \v Sili:
O shodimosti raznostnyh shem dlya uravneniya $-\Delta u+cu=f$ na obobwennyh resheniyah iz $W_{2,*}^s(-\infty

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