Publications de l'Institut Mathématique (Beograd)
Vol. 46(60), 1989 · Contents

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Slobodan K. Simi{\'c}:
On the largest eigenvalue of bicyclic graphs

Ivan Gutman:
Vertex degree sequences of graphs with small number of circuits

D. Bankovi\'c:
All general reproductive solutions of Boolean equations

Sin-Min Lee:
On the quotient $(\Omega,m)$-ringoids

Tizuo Xuan:
On sums involving reciprocals of certain large additive functions (II)

Aleksandar Ivi\'c:
On some integrals involving the mean square formula for the Riemann zeta-function

Pentti Haukkanen:
A property of generalized Ramanujan's sums concerning generalized completely multiplicative functions

P.M. Perunici\'c:
Stochastic structure of some completely monotone functions

Piotr Zarzycki:
A remark on a certain class of arithmetic functions

Tan Cao Tran:
Classes of weighted symmetric functions$^{\ast}$

S. Abdul Halim, R. R. London and D. K. Thomas:
On the logarithmic derivative of some Bazilevic functions

Milutin Obradovi\'c, M. K. Aouf and Shigeyoshi Owa:
On some results for starlike functions of complex order

K. S. Padmanabhan and M. Jayamala:
On $p$-valent analytic functions with reference to Bernardi and Ruscheweyh integral operators

J. L. Geluk:
On conjugate $\Pi$-variation and the coefficients of power series

Eberhard Malkowsky:
Absolute and ordinary K{ö}the-Toeplitz duals of some sets of sequences and matrix transformations

Manojlo Maravi\'c:
On the asymptotic behaviour of the $G_\theta^{\k}$-means of eigenfunction expansion related to the slowly oscillating functions with remainder term

I. E. Sharkawi:
The formal solution of Mikusi\'nski operational differential equations with variable coefficients

Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou:
Deterministic and random Volterra integral inclusions

B. Fisher and A. Takaci:
On some neutrix products of distributions

Danko Joci\'c:
A characterization of formally symmetric unbounded operators

Radu Miron, Stere Ianu{\c s} and Mihai Anastasiei:
The geometry of the dual of a vector bundle

Adnan Al-Aqeel:
On Riemannian 4-symmetric manifolds

H. R. Farran and M. S. Zanoun:
On hyperbolic Hermite manifolds

Sorin Dragomir and Renata Grimaldi:
On the topology of Riemann spaces of quasi-constant curvature

Ljubisa D. Ko\v cinac:
On ${\Cal P}$-chain-net spaces

R. W. Heath:
On a question of Ljubisa Kocinac

Zoran Ivkovi{\cj}:
Discrete appoximation in the innovation theory of second-order continuous processes

Z. Lozanov-Crvenkovi{\'c} and S. Pilipovi{\'c}:
Generalized random processes on the Zemanian space ${\Cal A}$

Bosko Jovanovi\'c:
Sur la convergence des schémas aux différences finies pour des équations elliptiques du quatrième ordre avec des solutions irrégulières

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