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Vol. 50(64) Preimenovati datoteke, proveriti paginaciju!!!, 1991 · Contents

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Milan Tasi{\cj}:
The neg.-propositional calculus

Miodrag Ra{\sh}kovi{\cj}:
A completenes theorem for an infinitary intutionistic logic with both ordinary and probability quantifiers

{\Z}arko Mijajlovi{\cj}:
Definable ultrapowers and the omitting types theorem

Ivan Gutman:
An identity for the independence polynomials of trees

Dragos M. Cvetkovi{\cj}:
Some comments on the eigenspaces of graphs

Aleksandar Torga{\sh}ev:
A property of canonical graphs

Miroslav Petrovi{\cj}:
Some results on graphs with at most two positive eigenvalues

K. Ramachandra and A. Sankaranarayanan:
Note on a paper by H.\,L. Montgomery ``Omega theorems for the Riemann zeta-function''

Barry J. Powell and Tibor {\v S}al{á}t:
Convergence of subseries of the harmonic series and asymptotic densities of sets of positive integers

Stojan Bogdanovi{\cj} and Miroslav {\CJ}iri{\cj}:
Tight semigroups

Mara Alagi{\cj}:
Relations with $I$-structure in categories with pullbacks

M. {\CH}anak:
Symmmetrische inverse $\alpha$-areolare Differenzen und $\alpha$-Interpolation

P. G. Todorov:
A disproof of a conjecture of Robertson and generalizations

Dusan R. Georgijevi{\cj}:
Radial $N$-th derivatives of bounded analytic operator functions

M. Mateljevi{\cj} and M. Pavlovi{\cj}:
Some inequalities of isoperimetric type concerning analytic and subharmonic functions

Miroslav Pavlovi{\cj}:
On isomorphisms of $L^1$ spaces of analytic functions onto $l^1$

Darko Milinkovi{\cj}:
Trace formula for nuclear perturbations of discrete nonselfadjoint operators

Milutin Dostani{\cj}:
The regularized trace for nuclear perturbations of discrete operators

Ljuban Dedi{\cj}:
The dual Steiner formula for convex compacta

S. Pre{\sh}i{\cj}:
A way of reducing the factorization problem in $\ZC[x]$ to the factorization problem in $\ZC$

Domingo Chinea, Manuel de León, and Juan C. Marrero:
Symplectic and cosymplectic foliations on cosymplectic manifolds

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