Publications de l'Institut Mathématique (Beograd)
Vol. 51(65), 1992 · Contents

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É. Cartan:
Le rôle de la France dans le développement des mathématiques

Dragi\'c Bankovi\'c:
A new proof of Presi\'c's theorem on finite equations

Aleksandar Torgasev:
On the numbers of positive and negative eigenvalues of a graph

Slavik V. Jablan:
Infinite classes of simple and multiple antisymmetry four-dimensional point groups

M. Dostani\'c and D. Milinkovi\'c:
Coherent states and frames in the Bargman space of entire functions

Milos Canak:
Approximation von nichtanalytischen Funktionen durch eine $p$-polyanalytische Funktion

J. Morchalo:
Properties of solutions of some linear class of integrodifferential equations of Volterra type

T.D. Narang:
Best coapproximation in metric spaces

Janusz Januszewski and Stanislaw Szufla:
On the Urysohn integral equation in locally convex spaces

C.-S. Lin:
Sesquilinear and quadratic forms on modules over $*$-algebras

Stojanka Orestijevi\'c:
Hyperplanes of locally convex groups

Luc Vrancken:
Some remarks on isotropic submanifolds

Ryszard Deszcz:
On hypercylinders in conformally symmetric manifolds

M. A. Bashir:
On the classification of totally umbilical CR-submanifolds of a Kaehler manifold

Z. Ivkovi\'c:
One case of reduction of nonlinear regression to linear

Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou:
Optimal control of a class of degenerate nonlinear evolution equations

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