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Vol. 52(66), 1992 · Contents

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Ilijas Farah:
Fragments of complete extensions of PA and McDowell--Specker's theorem

Ivan Gutman:
Independent vertex sets in some compound graphs

Isao Kiuchi:
Power moments of the error term for the approximate functional equation of the Riemann zeta-function

Alexander Abian and Paula Kemp:
On measurability of uncountable unions of measurable sets

A. Chonweerayoot, D.K. Thomas and W. Upakarnitikaset:
On the Fekete-Szego theorem for close-to-convex functions

K.S. Padmanabhan and M. Jayamala:
On a class of p-valent analytic functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivative

Miroslav Pavlovi\'c:
Multipliers of the vanishing Hardy classes

Stojan Radenovi\'c:
Some estimates of the integral $\int_0^{2\pi}{\text Log}\,|P(e^{i\theta})|(2\pi)^{-1}\,d\theta$

Miroljub Jevti\'c:
Embedding derivatives of ${\Cal M}$-harmonic tent spaces into Lebesgue spaces

Nikolaos Papageorgiou:
Continuous dependence results for subdifferential inclusions

S.G. Gal:
Approximation of continuous functions by monotone sequences of generelized polynomials with restricted coefficients

Vijay Gupta and P.N. Agrawal:
$L_p$-approximation by iterative combination of Phillips operators

S.V.R. Naidu:
On best simultaneous approximation

H.A.S. Abujabal and V. Peri\'c:
Some commutativity theorems for $s$-unital rings with constraints on commutators

M. Nedeljkov and S. Pilipovi\'c:
Convolution in Colombeau's spaces of generalized functions; part I: The space ${\Cal G}_a$ and the $a$-integral

M. Nedeljkov and S. Pilipovi\'c:
Convolution in Colombeau's spaces of generalized functions; part II: The convolution in ${\Cal G}_a$

Ion Pavaloiu:
Optimal problems concerning interpolation methods of solution of equations

Bo{\sh}ko Jovanovi\'c:
On the estimates of the convergence rate of the finite difference schemes for the approximation of solutions of hyperbolic problems

Irena Comi\'c:
Generalized Miron's d-connection in the generalized k-Hamilton spaces

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