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Vol. 53(67), 1993 · Contents

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Miodrag Raskovi\'c:
Classical logic with some probability operators

Dragos Cvetkovi\'c and Slobodan Simi\'c:
Non-complete extended $p$-sum of graphs, graph angles and star partitions

Ivan Gutman and Yeong-Nan Yeh:
Deducing properties of trees from their Matula numbers

Aleksandar Ivi\'c:
On the Laurent coefficients of certain Dirichlet series

Branka P. Alimpi\'c and Dragica N. Krgovi\'c:
Completely regular and orthodox congruences on regular semigroups

Dragica N. Krgovi\'c:
Idempotent separating congruences on an orthodox semigroup

G.S. Srivastava and Arvind Kumar:
On the space of analytic functions of logarithmic type $T$

Miroljub Jevti\'c and Miroslav Pavlovi\'c:
On $M$-Bloch functions

Gospava B. Djordjevi\'c:
Generalized Hermite polynomials

Ashok Sahai and Govind Prasad:
On the rate of convergence for modified Szász--Mirakyan operators

A.T. El-dessouky:
Variational inequalities of strongly nonlinear elliptic operators of infinite order

D. Nikoli\'c-Despotovi\'c and S. Pilipovi\'c:
The quasiasymptotic expansion and the moment expansion of tempered distributions

Marco Baronti:
A note on remotal sets in Banach spaces

Michael Kozlowski:
The Monge--Ampere equation and affine maximal surfaces

Irena Comi\'c:
Induced generalized connections in vector subbundles

Czeslaw Konopka:
Theorems concerning certain special tensor fields on Riemannian manifolds

Li Haizhong:
Curvature pinching for odd-dimensional minimal submanifolds in a sphere

Cornelia-Livia Bejan:
The existence problem of hyperbolic structures on vector bundles

Hermann Render:
On the continuity of internal functions

Nevenka Z. Adzi\'c:
he spectral approximation for the shock layer problems

Milan V. Jovanovi\'c:
Strongly quasiconvex quadratic functions

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