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Vol. 54(68), 1993 · Contents

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Marica D. Presi\'c:
Intensional Logic with Deep Cases

Zikica Perovi\'c:
Pseudo-Galois extensions of Boolean algebras

Radosav S. Djordjevi\'c:
Logics with two types of integral operators

Mirko Lepovi\'c:
The strongly asymmetric graphs of order 6 and 7

Ion Armeanu:
Sur l'indice de Schur dans les groupes dont les caractères sont à valeurs rationnelles

Gradimir V. Milovanovi\'c:
Recurrence relation for a class of polynomials associated with the generalized Hermite polynomials

I.G. Stratis:
On solvability of a nonlinear elliptic boundary value problem

Saleh Abdullah:
On regular and absolutely regular distributions in $K'_M$

José Antonio Facenda Aguirre:
Iteration of ultraproducts of locally convex spaces

S.C. Arora and Shiv Kumar Sahdev:
On non-quasidiagonal operators, II

Milutin Dostani\'c:
Generalization of the Mercer Theorem

Milutin Dostani\'c:
Trace formula for nonnuclear perturbations of selfadjoint operators

Al'fiya Shabaeva-Masagutova:
Geometriya mnogoobraziya $m$-ploskostej ellipticheskogo $n$-prostranstva

Boris A. Rosenfeld:
Spaces with exceptional fundamental groups

T. Nagamizu:
On topological spaces with dense completely metrizable subspaces

Slobodanka Jankovi\'c:
Enlargement of the class of geometrically infinitely divisible random variables

B. Popovi\'c:
Estimation of parameters of rca with exponential marginals

Katarina Surla and Zorica Uzelac:
An analysis and improvement of the El Mistikawy and Werle scheme

Gordana Pavlovi\'c-Lazeti\'c:
Inference in a relation knowledge-base with two types of null values

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