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Vol. 55(69), 1994 · Contents

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Dragan M. Acketa and Snezana Mati\'c-Keki\'c:
On some classes of finite loops

Aleksandar Ivi\'c:
On certain divisor functions in short intervals

Miroslav Pavlovi\'c:
On subharmonic behaviour and oscillation of functions on balls in $R_n$

Michael G. Voskoglou:
A note on skew polynomial rings

Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou:
Existence of solutions for integrodifferential inclusions in Banach spaces

M. Górze\'nska and L. Rempulska:
On the limit properties of the Picard singular integral

Zana Kovijani\'c:
A proof of Bárány's theorem

Milutin Dostani\'c:
Trace formulas of Gelfand--Levitan type

Nevena Pusi\'c:
On HB-recurrent hyperbolic Kaehlerian spaces

S.L. Pevzner:
Invarianty i kanonicheskie uravneniya giperpoverhnosti vtorogo poryadka v $n$-mernom evklidovom prostranstve

Irena Comi\'c and Jovanka Niki\'c:
Some Hermite metrics in complex Finsler spaces

Ilija Kovacevi\'c:
On paracompactness and almost closed mappings

Vladimir Dragovi\'c:
The algebraic Bethe ansatz and vacuum vectors

E. Omey:
On the difference between the product and the convolution product of distribution functions

A. Cassim, Z. Ivkovi\'c:
Multidimensional Hermite polynomials of complex Gaussian variables

Bosko Jovanovi\'c:
On the estimates of the convergence rate of the finite difference schemes for the approximation of solutions of hyperbolic problems, II part

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