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Vol. 56(70), 1994 · Contents

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Marica D. Presi\'c:
Representation of metamorphosis grammar in logic grammar: proof trees and their lengths

Marica D. Presi\'c and Slavisa B. Presi\'c:
A constructive proof of equivalence of formalism od DCG's with the formalism of type 0 phrase-structure grammars

A. Dobrynin and I. Gutman:
On a graph invariant related to the sum of all distances in a graph

Olga Bodroza-Panti\'c and Ratko Tos\'c:
On the number of 2-factors in rectangular lattice graphs

Miroslav Plo\v s\v cica:
Graphical compositions and weak congruences

Farid Bensherif et Guy Robin:
Sur l'itere de $\sin x$

Du\v sanka Peri\v si\'c:
Functional equations and tempered ultradistributions

Ivan Jovanovi\'c and Vladimir Rakocevi\'c:
Multipliers of mixed-norm sequence spaces and measures of noncompactness

Du\v san R\. Georgijevi\'c:
A note on approximation by Blascke--Potapov products

Stojan Radenovi\'c i Slavko Simi\'c:
Some classes of locally convex Riesz spaces

Pankaj Jain:
On imbeddings of weighted Sobolev spaces on an unbounded domain

Dragan Djordjevi\'c:
Regular and $T$-Fredholm elements in Banach algebras

Archana Roy and S.K. Singh:
Almost para-contact Finsler connections on vector bundle

Hiroshi Endo:
On the AC-contact Bochner curvature tensor field on almost cosymplectic manifolds

Milan Merkle and Ljiljana Petrovi\'c:
On Schur-convexity of some distribution functions

Drazen Panti\'c:
Stochastic calculus on one-dimensional diffusions

Bosko Jovanovi\'c:
On the convergence of a multicomponent alternating direction difference scheme

Miodrag Mateljevi\'c:
The dual of the Bergman space defined on a hyperbolic plane domain

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