Publications de l'Institut Mathématique (Beograd)
Vol. 57(71) (dedicated to Djuro Kurepa), 1995 · Contents

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Selected publications of Djuro Kurepa

Zarko Mijajlovi\'c:
Djuro Kurepa (1907--1993)

Aleksandar Ivi\'c, \v Zarko Mijajlovi\'c:
On Kurepa's problems in number theory

Stevo Todor\v cevi\'c:
Aronszajn orderings

Saharon Shelah:
Possibly every real function is continuous on a non-meagre set

Paul Erdos:
On some problems in combinatorial set theory

Zikica Perovi\'c:
Isomorphisms of real closed fields

F. Galvin, P. Komjath, A. Hajnal:
Edge decompositions of graphs with no large independent sets

Gradimir Milovanovi\'c:
Expansions of the Kurepa functions

Rade Zivaljevi\'c:
In pursuit of colored Carathéodory-Bárány theorems

Aleksandar Ivi\'c:
On the fourth moment of the Riemann zeta functions

Stojan Bogdanovi\'c, Miroslav \'Ciri\'c:
Decompositions of semigroups with zero

G. Kalajdzi\'c:
On Euclidean algorithms with some particular properties

Z. Spasojevi\'c:
Some remarks on generalized Martin's axiom

M. Raskovi\'c, R. Djordjevi\'c:
Continuous time probability logic

G. Cupona, S. Markovski:
Free objects in primitive varieties of $n$-groupoids

Milan Grulovi\'c, Milos Kurili\'c:
A few remarks on reduced ideal-products

Aleksandar Kron:
Identity and permutation

Slobodan Simi\'c:
Complementary pairs of graphs with the second largest eigenvalue not exceeding $(\sqrt 5-1)/2$

Predrag Tanovi\'c:
There are infinitely many countable models of strictly stable theories with no dense forking chains

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