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Vol. 59(73), 1996 · Contents

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Milenko Petri\'c:
Primitivity of generalized direct product of digraphs

Ivan Gutman:
On independent vertices and edges of belt graphs

P. Shiu:
Involutions associated with sums of two squares

Miroslav Pavlovi\'c:
A proof of the Hardy--Littlewood theorem on fractional integration and a generalization

Drumi D. Bainov, Margarita B. Dimitrova, and Pavel S. Simeonov:
Sufficient conditions for oscillation of the solutions of a class of impulsive differential equations with advanced argument

Nebojv{s}a L. Lazeti\'c:
Estimates for derivatives and integrals of eigenfunctions and associated functions of nonselfadjoint Sturm--Liouville operator with discontinuous coefficients (I)

Djurdjica Takaci and Arpad Takaci:
On the operator solutions of difference equations

Pavle M. Milici\'c:
On isomorphisms by orthogonality of a normed space and an inner product space

Milutin Dostani\'c:
Asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues of certain integral operators

Tade T. \{Z}ivaljevi\'c:
User's guide to equivariant methods in combinatorics

Ivko Dimitri\'c:
A note on equivariant embeddings of Grassmannians

M. Petrovi\'c-Torgasev, L. Verstraelen and L. Vrancken:
3-type curves on hyperboloids of revolution and cones of revolution

I. Mikesh, Zh. Radulovich:
O geodezicheskih i golomorfno-proektivnyh otobrazheniyah obobshchenno rekurrentnyh prostranstv

D. Mentagui:
Stabilité de l'épi-convergence en dimension finie

Dragan M. Acketa and Jovisa Zuni\'c:
A constant space representation of digital cubic parabolas

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