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Vol. 61(75), 1997 · Contents

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Dragi\'c Bankovi\'c:
Finite equations in n unknowns

M. Raskovi\'c, R.S. Djordjevi\'c and M. Bradi\'c:
Weak cylindric probability algebras

Jadran Stojanovi\'c and \v Zikica Perovi\'c:
It is consistent that there exists an $\eta_1$-ordered real closed field which is not hyper-real

A. Smati and J. Wu:
On the exponential divisor function

Jovan D. Kecki\'c:
Some remarks on possible generalized inverses in semigroups

Rados Baki\'c:
On a theorem of Frobenius

Dragan Djurci\'c:
O-regularly varying functions and some asymptotic relations

F.M. Berisha and M.H. Filipovi\'c:
On some transforms of trigonometric series

Vladimir Jankovi\'c:
On necessary conditions in the calculus of variations

Snezana Zivkovi\'c:
Semi-Fredholm operators and perturbations

U.C. De and S.C. Biswas:
On a type of semi-symmetric metric connection on a Riemannian manifold

Svetislav M. Minci\'c and Mi\'ca S. Stankovi\'c:
Equitorsion geodesic mappings of generalized Riemannian spaces

J. C. González-Dávila and L. Vanhecke:
Normal flows and harmonic manifolds

Boris A. Rosenfeld:
Geometric interpretations of some Jordan algebras

Boris A. Rosenfeld and Nadezhda E. Maryukova:
Surfaces of constant curvature and geometric interpretations of the Klein-Gordon, Sine-Gordon and Sinh-Gordon equations

Li Haizhong:
A note on stability of minimal surfaces in $n$-dimensional hyperbolic space $H^n(c)$

Slavisa B. Presi\'c:
How to generalize logic programming to arbitrary set of clauses

Slobodanka Jankovi\'c:
Restricted convergence and p-max stable laws

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