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Vol. 62 (76), 1997 · Contents

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Olga Bodroza-Panti]'c:
Algebraic structure count of some cyclic hexagonal-square chains

Masanori Katsurada:
On Mellin-Barnes type of integrals and sums associated with the Riemann zeta-function}

G. V. Milovanovi\'c and P. S. Stanimirovi\'c:
On Moore-Penrose inverse of block matrices and full-rank factorization

Petar V. Proti\'c:
Bands of nil-extensions of right simple semigroups

Dragan Djurci\'c and Vladimir Bozin:
A proof of an Aljan\v ci\'c hypothesis on $\Cal O$--regularly varying sequences

M.A. Pathan and M.A. Khan:
On polynomials associated with Humbert's polynomials}

C.-S. Lin and Y.J. Cho:
Additive $f$-bimorphisms and cosine type equations

J. Morcha\l o:
Stability and asymptotic behavior for certain systems of delay difference equations

Miroljub Jevti\'c:
Toeplitz operators on $M$-harmonic Hardy space $H^p_m(S)$ with $0

Milutin R. Dostani\'c and Darko Z. Milinkovi\'c:
Asymptotic behavior of singular values of certain integral operators

Pawan Bala:
On pre-parareflexive operator algebras

M. Ja\'cimovi\'c, I. Krni\'c and M. M. Potapov:
On well-posedness of quadratic minimization problem on ellipsoid and polyhedron

Novica Bla\v zi\'c, Neda Bokan and Zoran Raki\'c:
The first order pde system for type III Osserman manifolds

Miodrag Mi\v si\'c:
On absolutely closed multivalued mappings of topological spaces

Zoran Z. Petrovi\'c:
On equivariant maps between Stiefel manifolds

Miodrag S. Petkovi\'c and Sne\v zana M. Ili\'c}:
Point estimation and the convergence of the Ehrlich-Aberth method

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