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Vol. 63 (77), 1998 · Contents

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Kai F. Wehmeier:
Constructing Kripke models of certain fragments of Heyting's arithmetic

Aleksandar Kron:
Between TW$_{\to}$ and RW$_{\to}$

R. Balasubramanian and D.S. Ramana:
Atkin's theorem on pseudo-squares

Sergiu Rudeanu:
On general and reproductive solutions of finite equations

Ivan Gutman:
Distance of thorny graphs

Mirko Lepovi\'c:
On formal products and the Seidel spectrum of graphs

I. Bârza, D. Ghisa, S. Ianus:
Some remarks on the nonorientable surfaces

Du\v san Georgijevi\'c:
Perturbed interpolation problems

A. Sternal, Z. Szafra\'nski {\rm and} B. Szmanda:
Oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of some difference equations

Ivan \v Sestak {\rm and} Bo\v sko Jovanovi\'c:
Existence result for the displacement field of elastic body

M.A. Akivis {\rm and} V.V. Goldberg:
Singular points of lightlike hypersurfaces of the de Sitter space

Ljubica S. Velimirovi\'c:
A new proof of a theorem of Belov

Ryszard Deszcz {\rm and} Marian Hotlos:
On a certain extension of the class of semisymmetric manifolds

Janusz J. Charatonik:
On sets of periodic and of recurrent points

Vladimir Dragovi\'c:
Integration of the perturbated Jacobi problem

Vladimir Dragovi\'c:
A new rational free-fermion solution of the Yang-Baxter equation

O. Agratini:
Asymptotic formulae for recursively defined Baskakov-type operators

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