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Vol. 65(79), 1999 · Contents

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M. Ra\v skovi\'c and Z. Ognjanovi\'c:
A first order probability logic - $LP_Q$

S. Marinkovi\'c, M. Ra\v skovi\'c and R. Djordjevi\'c:
Weak probability logic with infinitary predicates

M. Kapetanovi\'c:
Initial models and Horn clause axiomatizability

C. Delorme:
Eigenvalues and weights of induced subgraphs

M. Jutila:
Convolutions of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms

P. Shiu:
A function from diophantine approximations

R. Garunk\v stis and A. Laurin\v cikas:
On one Hilbert's problem for the Lerch zeta-function

Andreas Guthmann:
Asymptotic expansions for Dirichlet series associated to cusp forms

Zoran Z. Petrovi\'c:
On nonsingular matrices and Bott periodicity

Jovan D. Ke\v cki\'c and Svetozar Mili\'c:
On commuting generalized inverses in semigroups

Vladimir Rako\v cevi\'c:
A note on two indices of semigroup elements

Brian Fisher and Fatma Al-Sirehy:
On the non-commutative neutrix product of $x_+^\lambda$ and $x_+^-\lambda-r$

Jorge J. Betancor:
On Hankel transformable distribution spaces

M. Budin\v cevi\'c, Z. Lozanov-Crvenkovi\'c and D. Peri\vsi\'c:
Representation theorems for tempered ultradistributions

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