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Vol. 67(81), 2000 · Contents

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Xueliang Li, Ivan Gutman and Gradimir Milovanovi\'c:
The $\beta$-polynomials of complete graphs are real

Branimir \v Se\v selja and Andreja Tepav\v cevi\'c:
Relative complements in the weak congruence lattice

O. Robert and P. Sargos:
Un théorème de moyenne pour les sommes d'exponentielles. Application à l'inégalité de Weyl

Slavko Simi\'c:
Regularly varying sequences and entire functions of finite order

Soon-Yeong Chung:
The edge of the wedge theorems and applications

Neboj\v sa L. La\v zeti\'c:
On classical solutions to mixed boundary problems for one-dimensional parabolic equations of second order

Slavi\v sa B. Pre\v si\'c:
A generalization of the notion of reproductivity

H.-J. Dobner:
Numerical bounds for inverses of linear operators

Mi\'ca S. Stankovi\'c and Svetislav Min\v ci\'c:
New special geodesic mappings of generalized Riemannian spaces

Marta D\c abrowska, Filip Defever, Ryszard Deszcz and Dorota Kowalczyk:
Semisymmetry and Ricci-symmetry for hypersurfaces of semi-Euclidean spaces

Li Haizhong:
Rigidity theorems of hypersurfaces in a sphere

Boris Rosenfeld:
Ball models in Hermitian spaces

J.\;J. Charatonik and W.\;J. Charatonik:
Continua determined by mappings

Bo\v sko S. Jovanovi\'c and Peter P. Matus:
Finite difference schemes on nonuniform meshes for parabolic problems with generalized solutions

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