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Vol. 68(82), 2000 · Contents

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Kosta Dosen and Zoran Petri\'c:
The maximality of the typed lambda calculus and of cartesian closed categories

Miodrag D. Ra\v skovi\'c and Radosav S. Djordjevi\'c:
Cylindric Probability Algebras

Miroslav Petrovi\'c, Bojana Mileki\'c:
Generalized line graphs with the second largest eigenvalue at most 1

Bolian Liu and Peter Rowlinson:
Dominating properties of star complements

Seymour Lipschutz and Wujie Shi:
Note on a question of Reinhold Baer on pregroups

Aleksandar Krapez:
Rectangular loops

Boris Rosenfeld:
Differentiable functions in associative and alternative algebras and smooth surfaces in projective spaces over these algebras}

Slavko Simi\'c:
Best $\lambda$-approximations for analytic functions of rapid growth on the unit disc

Miroslav Pavlovi\'c:
A Littlewood--Paley theorem for subharmonic functions

Marko Nedeljkov, Danijela Rajter:
Singular perturbations of ordinary differential equations in Colombeau spaces

Jelena V. Manojlovi\'c:
Integral Averaging Techniques for Oscillation of Second Order Nonlinear DifferentialEquations With Damping

Vladimir Rakocevi\'c:
A note on a theorem of Vidav

D. Mentagui:
Bonne position au sens de Levitin--Polyak dans le cadre de la minimisation des fonctionnelles intégrales

Emilija Su\'curovi\'c:
A classification of 3-type curves in Minkowski 3-space $E_1^3$, II

Svetlana Jankovi\'c and Miljana Jovanovi\'c:
Convergence in (2m)-{\rm th} mean for perturbed stochastic integrodifferential equations

Miroslav M. Risti\'c and Biljana \v C. Popovi\'c:
A new uniform AR(1) time series model (NUAR(1))

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