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Vol. 98(112), 2015 · Contents

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Manuela Muzika Dizdarevic, Rade T. Zivaljevic:
Symmetric polyomino tilings, tribones, ideals, and Gröbner bases

Milena Radnovic:
Integrable lattices of hyperplanes related to billiards within confocal quadrics}

Slavko Moconja:
On commutativity of quasi-minimal groups

Yong Shao, Sinisa Crvenkovic, Melanija Mitrovic:
The semiring variety generated by any finite number of finite fields and distributive lattices

Vladimir Balan, Jelena Stojanov:
Finsler-type estimators for the cancer cell population dynamics

Marija S. Najdanovic, Milan Lj. Zlatanovic, Irena Hinterleitner:
Conformal and geodesic mappings of generalized equidistant spaces

Ulfeta Marovac:
Disjunction of Boolean equations

Nebojsa Elez, Vladimir Vladicic:
Integral properties of rapidly and regularly varying functions

Djordjije Vujadinovic:
On some class of integral operators related to the Bergman projection

Nela Milosevic:
Independence complexes of comaximal graphs of commutative rings with identity

Alexander Kosov, Edward Semenov, Alexander Sinitsyn:
First integrals and exact solutions of the generalized models of magnetic insulation

Th. Yu. Popelensky:
One example of Bruns–Gubeladze $K$-theory defined by three dimensional polytope

Ioan Gavrea, Mircea Ivan:
A note on divided differences

Mircea Crasmareanu:
Semi-basic $1$-forms and Courant structure for metrizability problems

Katarzyna Sawicz:
Curvature properties of some class of hypersurfaces in Euclidean spaces

Nguyen Van Dung:
Further results on images of metric spaces

Yan-Kui Song:
Some remarks on almost Menger spaces and weakly Menger spaces

Maamar Andasmas, Benharrat Belaïdi:
On the growth and the zeros of solutions of higher order linear differential equations with meromorphic coefficients

Uday Chand De, Ajit Barman:
On a type of semi-symmetric metric connection on a riemannian manifold

James A. Oguntuase:
Hardy type inequalities on time scales

Yaning Wang, Uday Chand De, Ximin Liu:
Gradient Ricci solitons on almost Kenmotsu manifolds

Basma Ammous, Sana Driss, Mohamed Hbaib:
A transcendence criteria for continued fraction expansions in positive characteristic

Jinghao Huang, Qusuay H. Alqifiary, Yongjin Li:
On the generalized superstability of $n$th-order linear differential equations with initial conditions

Behrooz Khosravi, A. Babai:
Simple groups with the same prime graph as $^2D_n(q)$

Quinhui Jiang, Changguo Shao:
Finite groups with three conjugacy class sizes of certain elements

Shou Lin, Kedian Li, Ying Ge:
On the metrizability of TVS-cone metric spaces

Adesanmi Alao Mogbademu:
A convergence theorem of multi-step iterative scheme for nonlinear maps

Elmostafa Bendib, Hicham Zoubeir:
Développement en série de fonctions holomorphes des fonctions d'une classe de Gevrey sur l'intervalle $[-1,1]$

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