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Vol. 102[116], 2017 · Contents

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Aleksandar Nikolić:
The beginnings of mathematical institutions in Serbia

Jovana Đuretić:
Piunikhin–Salamon–Schwarz Isomorphisms and Spectral Invariants for Conormal Bundle

Vladinir Dobrev, Igor Salom:
Positive Energy Unitary Irreducible Representations of the Superalgebra osp(1|8,)

Aleksandra Marinković:
Contact Blow Up and Cylindrical Contact Homology of Toric Contact Manifolds of Reeb Type

Ljubica Mihić:
The remainder term of Gauss–Radau quadrature rule with single and double end point

Shadia Shalandi:
Bi-Lipschitzity of quasiconformal harmonic mappings in n-dimensional space with respect to k-metric

Ahmet Yıldız:
f-Kenmotsu manifolds with the Schouten-Van Kampen connection

Şebnem Yildiz:
A New Theorem on Absolute Matrix Summability of Fourier Series

Alireza Vahidi:
Cohomological Dimensions With Respect To Sum And Intersection Of Ideals

Shiva Eshaghi, Alireza Ansari, Reza Khoshsiar Ghaziani, and Mohammadreza Ahmadi Darani:
Fractional Black–Scholes model with regularized Prabhakar derivative

Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani:
Rings in which the power of every element is the sum of an idempotent and a unit

Farid Bencherif, Tarek Garici:
On a property of Stirling polynomials

Mouloud Goubi, Abdelmejid Bayad, Mohand Ouamar Hernane:
Explicit and asymptotic formulae for Vasyunin-cotangent sums

Shichang Shu, Junfeng Chen:
Willmore spacelike submanifolds in an indefinite space form N q n+p (c)

Angelina Yan Mui Chin, Kiat Tat Qua:
Topologically boolean and g(x)-clean rings

M. Mursaleen:
Korovkin type theorem for functions of two variables via lacunary equistatistical convergence

Ali Aral, Vijay Gupta:
Applications of (p,q)-gamma function to Szász Durrmeyer operators

Gopal Ghosh, Uday Chand De:
Kenmotsu manifolds with generalized Tanaka–Webster connection

James Adedayo Oguntuase, Lars-Erik Persson, Olabiyi Olanrewaju Fabelurin, Abdullaziz G. Adeagbo-Sheikh:
Refinements of some limit Hardy-type inequalities via superquadracity

Makoto Sakaki:
Transforms for minimal surfaces in 5-dimensional space forms

Hicham Zoubeir:
Holomorphic series expansion of functions of carleman type on the interval [-1,1]

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