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Vol. 103[117] W 3 -Manifolds

Cornelia-Livia Bejan, İlhan Gül:
Sasaki Metric on the Tangent Bundle of a Weyl Manifold

Pavel Bibikov, Alexander Malakhov:
On Classification Problems in the Theory of Differential Equations: Algebra + Geometry

Ivan Dimitrijević, Branko Dragovich, Zoran Rakić, Jelena Stanković:
On Nonlocal Gravity With Constant Scalar Curvature

Wendy Goemans:
Flat Double Rotational Surfaces in Euclidean and Lorentz–Minkowski 4-Space

Sinem Güler, Sezgin Altay Demirbağ:
On Warped Product Manifolds Satisfying Ricci–Hessian Class Type Equations

Graham Hall:
Sectional Curvature in 4-Dimensional Manifolds

Jun-ichi Inoguchi, Marian Ioan Munteanu:
Magnetic Vector Fields: New Examples

Bahar Kırık:
A Note on Recurrent Bivectors in 4-Dimensional Lorentz Manifolds

Koji Matsumoto:
A New Curvaturelike Tensor Field in an Almost Contact Riemannian Manifold II

Emil Molnár, Jenő Szirmai:
Top Dense Hyperbolic Ball Packings and Coverings for Complete Coxeter Orthoscheme Groups

Marilena Moruz, Luc Vrancken:
Properties of the Nearly Kähler 𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3

Gleb V. Nosovskiy:
Geometrical Coding of Color Images

Rui Pacheco:
Isothermic Surfaces Obtained From Harmonic Maps in S 6

Miroslava Petrović-Torgašev, Anica Pantić:
Pseudo-Symmetries of Generalized Wintgen Ideal Lagrangian Submanifolds

Theodore Popelensky:
Relations Between Kernels and Images of Reduced Powers for Some Right 𝒜 p -Modules

Vladimir Rovenski:
Einstein–Hilbert Type Action on Spacetimes

Svjetlana Terzić:
On Geometric Formality of Rationally Elliptic Manifolds in Dimensions 6 and 7

Nurettin Cenk Turgay:
On Biconservative Hypersurfaces in Pseudo-Riemannian Space Forms and Their Gauss Map

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