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Vol. 51, No. 3, 1994 · Contents

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Aref Kamal:
On Certain Diameters of Bounded Sets

Caroline Fabre and Jean-Pierre Puel:
Pointwise Controllability as Limit of Internal Controllability for the Wave Equation in One Space Dimension

Suzana Metello de Nápoles:
Silva Distributions for Certain Locally Compact Groups

Raul Cordovil:
On the Center of the Fundamental Group of the Complement of a Hyperplane Arrangement

M.R. Grossinho and T.F. Ma:
Symmetric Equilibria for a Beam with a Nonlinear Elastic Foundation

Mark Pollicott:
A Note on the Asymptotics of Perturbed Expanding Maps

Giuseppe Buttazzo and Loris Faina:
The Euler Equation for a Class of Nonconvex Problems

J. Saint Jean Paulin and M. Vanninathan:
Exact Controllability of Vibrations of Thin Bodies

Cícero Lopes Frota:
Non Local Solutions of a Nonlinear Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation

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