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Vol. 52, No. 1, 1995 · Contents

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Jorge Almeida:
The Mathematician Hugo Ribeiro

Willie E. Taylor, Jr. and Minghua Sun:
Oscillation Properties of Nonlinear Difference Equations

Carlos Serra Alves:
Distributivity and Wellfounded Semilattices

Pentti Haukkanen:
On Generalized Landau Identities

Pentti Haukkanen:
Errata to: Comparison of Regular Convolutions

Qiu Jing Hui:
An Extension of Amir-Lindenstrauss Theorem

Przemyslaw Scherwentke:
On the Geometry of $\calc{L}(l_2^p,l_2^q)$ and $l_2^q\otimes_\eps l_2^q$

Masaru Nishihara:
On the Indicator of Growth of Entire Functions of Exponential Type in Infinite Dimensional Spaces and the Levi Problem in Infinite Dimensional Projective Spaces

Joana Margarida Nunes da Costa:
Jacobi Actions of $\SO(2)\times\R^{2}$ and $\SU(2,\C)$ on Two Jacobi Manifolds

Thierry Cazenave and Fred B. Weissler:
Asymptotically Periodic Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Coupled Oscillators

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