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Vol. 54, No. 3, 1997 · Contents

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Jurang Yan:
Comparison Results for Impulsive Delay Differential Inequalities and Equations

Jo\ ao Filipe Queiró:
Axioms for Invariant Factors

H. Beir\ ao da Veiga:
A New Approach to the $L^{2}$-regularity Theorems for Linear Stationary Nonhomogeneous Stokes Systems

F. Sommen:
An Algebra of Abstract Vector Variables

Alain Haraux:
A Remark on Parabolic Equations

Antonin Novotny:
About Steady Transport Equation II - Schauder Estimates in Domains with Smooth Boundaries

Farid Ammar Khodja, Assia Benabdallah and Djamel Teniou:
Sur la Stabilisation d'un Couplage Ondes-Advection

M.S. Joshi:
Complex Powers of the Wave Operator

F. Yi, T.M. Shih and J. Yong:
Optimal Control for the Boundary Flux to the Continuous Casting Problem

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