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Vol. 54, No. 4, 1997 · Contents

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H. Beir\ ao da Veiga:
Remarks on the Smoothness of the $L^{\infty}(0,T;L^{3})$ Solutions of the 3-D Navier-Stokes Equations

H. Seyhan and A. Sönmez:
On $\varphi-|\overline N,p_{n};\delta|_{k}$ Summability Factors

George Szeto:
On $H$-separable and Galois Extensions of Rings

Pentti Haukkanen and Pia Ruokonen:
On an Analogue of Completely Multiplicative Functions

F.F. Ferreira and A.A. Pinto:
Existence of Eigenvalues for (UAA) Markov Maps

Emilian Parau and Viorel Radu:
Some Remarks on Tardiff's Fixed Point Theorem on Menger Spaces

M. Purificaç\ ao Coelho and M. Antónia Duffner:
Non Vanishing Conjugacy Classes for an Irreducible Character of $S_{n}$

Wagdy Gomaa El-Sayed:
Nonlinear Functional Integral Equations of Convolution Type

Maurice Mignotte:
On the Diophantine Equation $D_{1}x^{2}+D_{2}^{m}=4y^{n}$

Ram U. Verma:
An Approximation Procedure for Fixed Points of Strongly Lipschitz Operators

Joana Margarida Nunes da Costa:
Reduction of Complex Poisson Manifolds

C.O.R. Sarrico:
On the Explicit Solution of the Linear First Order Cauchy Problem with Distributional Coefficients

Charles Castaing and Manuel D.P. Monteiro Marques:
Topological Properties of Solution Sets for Sweeping Processes with Delay

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