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Vol. 55, No. 2, 1998 · Contents

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Juan Luis García Zapata:
Finite Morphisms Between Differentiable Algebras

H.A. Priestley and R. Santos:
Varieties of Distributive Lattices with Unary Operations II

Nicola Fusco, Paolo Marcellini and António Ornelas:
Existence of Minimizers for Some Non Convex One-Dimensional Integrals

Marc Briane and Laurent Mazliak:
Homogenization of Two Randomly Weakly Connected Materials

C.M. da Fonseca:
On Determinant Preservers Over Skew Fields

M. Kunze and M.D.P. Monteiro Marques:
On the Discretization of Degenerate Sweeping Processes

Jorge Picado:
Weil Nearness Spaces

Jorge Picado:

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