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Vol. 56, No. 4, 1999 · Contents

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T. Phan and M. Natividade:
Clinic Obstructions and Clinic Cohomological Groups

Fernando Cardoso and Claudio Cuevas:
On the Hyperbolic Dirichlet to Neumann Functional

Jorge Almeida and Manuel Delgado:
Sur Certains Systèmes d'Équations avec Contraintes dans Un Groupe Libre

E. Frolova:
Solvability in Sobolev Spaces of a Problem for a Second Order Parabolic Equation with Time Derivative in The Boundary Condition

Maria Carvalho:
Commuting Expanding Dynamics

J. Limaco Ferrel and L.A. Medeiros:
Kirchhoff-Carrier Elastic Strings in Noncylindrical Domains

R.S. Melham:
On Sums of Powers of Terms in a Linear Recurrence

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