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Vol. 59, No. 2, 2002 · Contents

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Kais Ammari:
Global Existence and Uniform Stabilization of a Nonlinear Timoshenko Beam

Philippe Cieutat and Alain Haraux:
Exponential Decay and Existence of Almost Periodic Solutions for Some Linear Forced Differential Equations

J. Saint Jean Paulin and H. Zoubairi:
Optimal Control and Strange Term for a Stokes Problem in Perforated Domains

S. Mancini, M.A.S. Ruas and M.A. Teixeira:
On Divergent Diagrams of Finite Codimension

Cristian Cobeli, Marian Vâjâitu and Alexandru Zaharescu:
On the Set $ax+bg^x (mod p)}$

Lisa Santos:
Variational Problems with Non-Constant Gradient Constraints

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