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Vol. 59, No. 4, 2002 · Contents

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Thierry Cazenave, Miguel Escobedo and M. Assunta Pozio:
Some Stability Properties for Minimal Solutions of $-\Laplacian u=\lambda\,g(u)$

M. Ivette Gomes, M. Joao Martins and Manuela Neves:
Generalized Jackknife Semi-Parametric Estimators of the Tail Index

Zhiqin Lu:
On the Rigidity of Horizontal Slices

S.N. Antontsev, C.R. Gonçalves and A.M. Meirmanov:
Local Existence of Classical Solutions to the Well-Posed Hele--Shaw Problem

K.T. Joseph and P.G. LeFloch:
Boundary Layers in Weak Solutions of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.
III. Vanishing Relaxation Limits

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