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Vol. 61, No. 3, 2004 · Contents

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S.H. Saker:
Oscillation of third-order difference equations

Stanislav Furta and Gaetano Zampieri:
Cruising in a central force field

Faiza Belarbi née Limam:
Étude par la méthode des limites fluides de la stabilité du réseau de file d'attente de Lu--Kumar--Bramson

Alessandro Morando and Paolo Secchi:
On 3D slightly compressible euler equations

N. Gadhi:
Optimality conditions and duality theorems for nonlipschitz optimization problems

Pietro De Poi:
Congruences of lines with one-dimensional focal locus

Osvaldo Germano do Rocio and Alexandre J. Santana:
Free groups of semigroups in semi-simple Lie groups

J. Monterde:
A new proof of the existence of hierarchies of Poisson--Nijenhuis structures

Norbert Steinmetz:
Boutroux's method vs. re-scaling -- Lower estimates for the orders of growth of the second and fourth Painlevé transcendents

Publication date for this issue: 7 Mar 2008.

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