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Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications is a free electronic journal. It is open to all mathematical fields (including Statistics and mathematical applications to Computer Science, Economics, Physics or Engineering).

The journal publishes both surveys/reviews and research articles. The survey papers should present an accessible, mature and clear review/overview of recent advances in a well-specified topic. Research articles accompanied by an accessible and well-constructed review of the corresponding topic are strongly welcomed.

We expect enlighten expositions on quite technical themes. We hope that these surveys will help the readers of this journal to reinterpret in new perspective results from areas outside their own, to learn techniques developed in other fields, to apply them and to find out new connections.

In order to maintain high standards all papers will be peer reviewed.

Abstracting and Indexing: The articles of this journal are indexed/reviewed in: MathSciNet (Mathematical Reviews), Zentralblatt MATH, Directory of Open Access Journals, EMIS ELibM, AMS Digital Mathematics Registry, Genamics JournalSeek, EBSCO and Scopus.

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