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Zeitschrift für Analysis
und ihre Anwendungen
Vol. 19, No. 1, 2000 · Contents

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Th. Chryssakis:
Geometry of Numerical Ranges in Locally m-Convex *-Algebras

M. Leitz-Martini, M. Wollenberg:
Notes on Modular Conjugations of von Neumann Factors

L. Arlotti:
On $B$-Bounded Semigroups as a Generalization of $C_0$-Semigroups

J. Andres, G. Gabor and L. Górniewicz:
Topological Structure of Solution Sets to Multi-Valued Asymptotic Problems

J. Müller and K. P. Hadeler:
Monotonicity of the Number of Passages in Linear Chains and of the Basic Reproduction Number in Epidemic Models

J. Tervo and M. Nihtilä:
Exponential Stability of a Nonlinear Distributed Parameter System

V. Turunen:
Commutator Characterization of Periodic Pseudodifferential Operators

D. D. Trong and D. D. Ang:
Domain Identification for Semilinear Elliptic Equations in the Plane: the Zero Flux Case

J. Gawinecki, P. Kacprzyk and P. Bar-Yoseph:
Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Some Coupled Nonlinear Parabolic System of Partial Differential Equations Appearing in Thermodiffusion in Solid Body

W. Krabs and G. M. Sklyar:
On the Stabilizability of a Slowly Rotating Timoshenko Beam

G. Hörmann and M. Kunzinger:
Regularized Derivatives in a 2-Dimensional Model of Self-Interacting Fields with Singular Data

W. Kohl:
On a Class of Parabolic Integro-Differential Equations

M. Biroli and N. Tchou:
Relaxation for Dirichlet Problems Involving a Dirichlet Form

L. Berg and M. Krüppel:
De Rham's Singular Function and Related Functions

M. Damm:
Konstruktive Verzweigungstheorie für Halbeigenwerte

J. vom Scheidt, H.-J. Starkloff and R. Wunderlich:
Asymptotic Expansions of Integral Functionals of Weakly Correlated Random Processes

S. Effati, A. V. Kamyad and R. A. Kamyabi-Gol:
On Infinite-Horizon Optimal Control Problems

A. Ja. Lepin and A. D. Myshkis:
Extension of the Bernstein Condition to Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations of General Form

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