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World Mathematical Year 2000
Activities, Resolutions, Pictures,
Conferences, and other material
Collected by Zentralblatt MATH
with the kind permission of the providers
edited by B. Wegner


The idea for the edition of this CD-ROM came up during the conference dinner of the Executive Committee of EMS at its meeting in Bedlewo (Poland) in April 2000. There was the question if some special offer could be arranged by Zentralblatt MATH and the exhibition team of EMS to be presented at their booth for the 3ECM in Barcelona. The time to do something was quite short, but we decided to collect some material related to the WMY2000 on a CD-ROM and to offer this for a small fee at the 3ECM booth.

The time was too short to get a comprehensive collection. Also some material on WMY2000 will not yet have been released. Hence we decided to store and to offer what we could get, without any restriction concerning scientific level, language or type of document. Clearly, the content should not be offensive and the presentation should be reasonable. Several of the people we approached gave us the permission to store the material and to distribute it according to our conditions. Nevertheless, the origins of the contents provided are not well distributed in Europe. But this is caused by the fact that some countries have a lot of WMY2000 activities while others practically ignore this event, and our request was too late to reach everybody who may contribute to the contents.

The contents of the CD-ROM include (in relation to WMY2000) articles and resolutions, notes on activities of mathematical societies, posters and other pictures, information on conferences and some material which is difficult to classify. We tried to install it in a way, such that it will be easily readable. Some of the input had to be converted to the formats offered here, and this might have lead to a lost of quality. Nevertheless, we think that a preservation of these activities documents on CD-ROM has its own value. It is very likely that many of the offers themselves will disappear very soon after the end of WMY2000, and it is my hope that several people will enjoy it to maintain their own copy on this CD-ROM. We thank all contributors to this collection for giving us the permission to publish their material.

Bernd Wegner
July 2000

We have grouped the material we received from our cooperating providers into the following bins:

  1. Activities
  2. Resolutions
  3. Pictures
  4. Conferences
  5. Other Material

3ECM Barcelona

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